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5ft6 Round Post Screening or Hurdle Quikset Installation Kit - First Panel

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5ft6 Round Post Screening or Hurdle Quikset Installation Kit - First Panel

This installation kit is designed as a more advanced pack for all your hurdle or screening panel installation needs. This pack includes everything you need to install your hurdles or screening quickly and easily including fence posts, auger, wire and Quikset fence post fixer. You just need this pack for your first panel and initial installation, and an extra pack per additional panel.

The wooden, pressure treated fence posts are fantastic for using to set up fencing, screening or hurdles. Easy to set up, simply measure the height of your fencing and cut the posts to the correct height before installing them in the ground. They are ideal for use with our hazel and willow hurdles. These fence posts help to complete the natural look which willow and hazel hurdles bring to your garden and create a more rustic woodland aesthetic compared to traditional fencing. Also included is 30m of galvanized wire to secure the screening or hurdles of your choice to the posts.

Also included in this pack is a powder-coated steel auger which can be used to quickly and easily make holes in the ground for installing fence posts without the hassle of manually digging on your hands and knees. With wide handles, this auger is easy to use for almost any gardener.

This specialist installation pack also comes with two 300ml packs of Quikset fence post fixer - a durable yet lightweight way to fix and support fence posts in your garden. Faster to set and easier to use than concrete, Quikset is ready to support loads within 90 minutes of installation, speeding up the fence installation process.

Please Note: You should have at least 18 inches of post in the ground to ensure stable support, more if the site is expose


  • These posts have been pressure treated with preservative to ensure they can last for many years and avoid wood rot
  • Powder-coated steel auger helps you to quickly prepare the ground for fence posts
  • Quikset quick-dry, easy-install fence post fixer keeps your fence posts sturdily anchored into the ground
  • Flexible galvanized wire makes fixing hurdles to fence posts quick and easy

  • Fence Post
    • Height 167cm (5ft6) x Diameter 6cm (2½in)
  • Auger
    • Length 100cm (39½in)
    • Screw diameter 15cm (6in)
    • Handle Width 70cm (27½in)
    • Weight: 2.5kg

What's in the Box?

  • 2x 5ft 6in round fence posts
  • Primrose Garden Auger D15cm
  • 2x 300ml Quikset Fence Post Fixing
  • 30m Galvanized wire
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Size 1.5m-2m
Type Post
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Material Wooden
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Size 1.5m-2m
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