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5m x 2m (16ft 5in x 6ft 7in) Premium Polytunnel Galvanised Frame by New Leaf™

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5m x 2m (16ft 5in x 6ft 7in) Premium Polytunnel Galvanised Frame by New Leaf™

Growing your own fruits, veg, herbs or flowers in your garden or allotment has never been easier. With one of our New Leaf Polytunnels, you can relax in the knowledge that your plants are away from the worst of the weather, and that even on cooler days, the polytunnel will trap heat which would otherwise have been lost. The high quality reinforced plastic helps prevent plants scorching during the hotter months, while conserving heat to nurture your plants in the colder weather.

Single Top Bar

Having just one central bar atop this polytunnel protects it from collapse due to water build-up. In other polytunnels, having two bars running then length of the polytunnel means that rainwater can pool between them, putting a lot of weight on the structure, potentially leading to the collapse of your polytunnel. Having a single top bar means there is nowhere for the rainwater to collect, ensuring that your polytunnel cannot be damaged by water build-up.

Mesh Ventilation System

Mesh ventilation windows in every bay ensure that your polytunnel is well ventilated to promote healthy plant growth. Each window has its own cover which can be unrolled and attached securely into place using Velcro to allow full control over the ventilation system. The fine mesh design also lets in additional light, helping your plants to grow to their full potential, while preventing insects from entering your polytunnel.

Rust Resistant Galvanised Steel

With a sturdy galvanised steel frame, this polytunnel combines the strength of the steel frame with rust and corrosion resistance for extra longevity. This durable and robust frame is simple to put together, and featuring a single top bar, is better protected against water build-up.

Please note: The bars of this polytunnel come in separate sections and require some assembly.

Reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting

The polyethylene sheeting used to cover the frame of this polytunnel is made of high quality reinforced polyethylene, ensuring that enough of the suns light is blocked to avoid scorched plants in hot weather, but that the structure traps heat in during colder weather, extending the growing season. This polyethylene has been reinforced to give your polytunnel extra strength.


  • Single top bar - stops water pooling avoiding above the polytunnel
  • Extend the growing season - the polytunnel traps heat, keeping fruit and veg warm even out of season
  • Rust resistant frame - built from sturdy galvanised steel, this robust frame is rust resistant
  • Reinforced plastic material - your polytunnel is made from high quality reinforced polyethylene to protect from scorching in the hotter months, and freezing in the colder months
  • 4 bayed design - 4 spacious bays allow you to grow a large variety of plants such as strawberries, tomatoes or cauliflower
  • 8 Vent Windows - each bay on either side of this polytunnel has a large vent window, allowing thorough ventilation to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Height 2m (6ft 7in)
  • Width 2m (6ft 7in)
  • Length 5m (16ft 5in)
  • Cover: 140g/m² reinforced Polyethylene exclusive to New Leaf™ range
  • Tubes thickness: 0.8cm
  • Door Size 1m (3ft 3in) x 1.9m (6ft 3in)
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Size 6' Wide
Style Grow Tunnel / Polytunnel / Cloche
Type Polytunnels
Spring Checklist Greenhouses
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