60cm Vadim Galvanised Steel Cube Planter

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60cm Vadim Galvanised Steel Cube Planter
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60cm Vadim Galvanised Steel Cube Planter
The Impressive Vadim range of planters is produced with Galvanised steel. This planter will become a statement piece wherever it is put and makes the ideal centrepiece to any space.


  • Pre-drilled drainage outlets
  • Constructed using 4mm steel
  • Cathodic protection (No rust with scratches and minor damage)
  • 60cm (23.6in)
  • 60cm (23.6in)
  • 60cm (23.6in)

Galvanised Steel

Hot-dip galvanisation is a production process that involves coating the steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the product in a bath of molten zinc of about 460° Celsius. The usually dull grey material protects the metal from corrosion caused by weather.

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