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700ml Fence Post Fixing by Quikset

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700ml Fence Post Fixing by Quikset

A quick, fast and light innovation in footing, Quickset is a durable and easy way to support metal and wooden posts in your garden. This revolutionary innovation requires none of the standard curing or mess from more common means of securing posts. Weight for weight you'll use three times less Quikset than regular concrete!

What is Quikset?

Quikset is a fast, clean and safe alternative to traditional concrete. It takes only a moment to mix Quikset in the bag and only 6 minutes from pouring for it to begin to set. Strong, fast, reliable and safe, this versatile material has endless possibilities.


  • 1 bag is enough to secure one post
  • Flexible, absorbs dynamic loads, such as blowing winds. Doesn't crack in low temperatures!
  • Quick to use, installation in 15 minutes and ready for loads in 90 minutes
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Can be used on a wide range of installations, including rubbish bins, wooden fencing, swings, and gates!
  • Volume 700ml
  • Just mix in the bag, pour and wait, with loads ready to be applied to the fixed element in 90 minutes
  • Keep out of direct Sunlight when in bag
  • Store between temperatures of 5° to 25°C