720LPH Pond Oxygenator

Code: WF11055
720LPH Pond Oxygenator
Outdoor Oxygenator - 720 l/h

This oxygenator is suitable for large ponds. This pump oxygenates the air in your pond when the levels have been depleted, something which is often a problem in the summer during warm weather.

Oxygenating your pond is important to maintain healthy plants and to ensure that any pond life such as fish have enough oxygen to survive.

This air pump comes with replacement membranes, backflow protection and a 10m silicone hose for the output. It is also covered by a 2 year manufacture’s guarantee.


  • Length: 21cm (8?in) x Width: 15cm (6in) x Height: 9cm (4in)
  • Output: 720 l/h
  • Suitable for ponds up to 12,000 Litre in size


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