7 - 8ft Premium Cut Real Christmas Tree | Nordmann Fir

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7 - 8ft Premium Cut Real Christmas Tree | Nordmann Fir
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7 - 8ft Premium Cut Real Christmas Tree | Nordmann Fir

Enjoy a festive display until the twelfth night with this classic Christmas tree...

This Nordmann Fir has been grown for around a decade on English soil, and from the moment it is cut, it will be carefully netted and packaged in a specially designed box, and delivered to your home within 24 hours. Held to a very high grade, this Christmas tree boasts a striking pyramid shape that is filled with glossy, richly coloured foliage. Grown and nurtured from premium quality seedlings, you will receive an exceptionally healthy Christmas tree that is easy to look after.

The quintessential Christmas tree that is perfect for every home, this Nordmann Fir is a trusted favourite amongst families for having soft needles that hold extremely well. As such, you can rest assured that decorating this premium tree will be a safe and enjoyable family occasion. Aside from being a family friendly-choice, the tiered branches will keep your decorations nice and secure, while the emerald green, aromatic foliage evokes a festive feeling.

This tree comes from an award-winning nursery, recently crowned Christmas Tree Grower of the Year by the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. One of their trees can be seen standing proud in 10 Downing Street, so this tree stands amongst its peers with nation-leading pride.

Please note: the tree stand (in the above picture) will not be included with the tree. You can still purchase this stand as an add on.

Tree Information

Height 210 - 240cm
Foliage Colour Dark green with a glossy finish
Shape A pyramid shape with tiered branches
Watering Requirements Water once a day, especially during the first week


Delivered Within 24 Hours of Being Cut From the moment your tree is cut, it will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door within 24 hours.
Sustainably Grown in the United Kingdom Your tree has been lovingly grown in the United Kingdom, which offers the perfect climate for growing flourishing Christmas trees.
Grown From Premium Quality Seedlings Grown from premium seedlings, these Christmas trees are held to a very high grade, and as such, are perfectly shaped, extraordinarily healthy, and boast luscious foliage.
Soft Needles that Drop Minimally
Tiered Branches Perfect for Decorating

Care Tip

Mist your tree's branches to keep their foliage healthy...
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Optional Extras Selected items will be included with your purchase


Lovingly Grown in the United Kingdom...

From a seedling to becoming a mature tree, your Nordmann Fir will have been nurtured on English soil for nearly ten years. The mild English climate is optimal for growing Nordmann Firs, as it helps them achieve their classic pyramid shape, sumptuous foliage, and soft needles.

Your Tree's Packaging

From the moment your tree is cut, it will be carefully netted up by our nursery staff, and placed into a bespoke box that will keep it safe in transit.

Your Tree's Delivery

After your tree has been securely packaged up, it will be delivered directly to your home within one day. You will be able to choose your precise time slot upon ordering; your tree will be ready when you are.

How to Keep Your Tree Happy

Having been grown into a hardy tree, your Nordmann Fir will not require much maintenance. All we advise is that you:

- Mist regularly to keep the branches and needles rich in moisture (you can use the same mist you would use for a house plant).

- Make sure your tree is away from direct heat (e.g a radiator), as this can encourage needles to drop.

- Water your tree once a day, with a minimum of 500ml of water.

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