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900W IPX4 Streamline Rotating Electric Quartz Bulb Heater with 2 Power Settings by Heatlab®

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900W IPX4 Streamline Rotating Electric Quartz Bulb Heater with 2 Power Settings by Heatlab®

Please Note: This heater is for domestic use only.

We have designed the heater with safety and practicality in mind. It features both a tip-over protection, and an oscillating function. The tip-over protection automatically switches off the heater if it is slanted to one side. The oscillating function will move the heater to a 60 degree angle, increasing the heating area.

2 power settings of 450W & 900W, which will allow you to control the heat.

The heater works by using a quartz heating element. The heater emits infrared rays which heat objects rather than heating the air, making you and your guests feel warm and comfortable quicker.


  • Cheap to operate - less than 6.5p an hour running cost
  • Versatile - IPX4 approval means that this heater is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Equipped with a safety tilt switch – if the heater should fall over, it automatically switches off
  • Metal body with a smooth finish - durable, long lasting and stylish
  • Multi-functional - a source of both heat and light, ideal for socialising into the night
  • Stable base - will help to prevent the heater from toppling over, allowing you to place this freestanding heater wherever is most effective for you
  • Multiple heat settings - allows you to adjust the temperature depending on the weather, helping you to save both energy and money
  • Oscillation setting automatically rotates heater at 60 degree angle - providing an even dispersal of heat
  • Height: 82cm (2ft 8⅓in)
  • Base diameter: 27cm (10in)
  • Top diameter: 10cm (4in)
  • Cable length: 1.45m (4ft 7in)
  • Heat settings: 450W & 900W
  • Heating element: Quartz bulb
  • Heats an area of approximately 4sqm (43ft²)
More Information
Why X?

Why should I choose an Infrared Heater?

When it comes to heating, electric heaters have several advantages over traditional gas heaters, fire pits, chimeneas, etc. The heat warms objects over a wide area, which means you and your guests have a larger area in which you can stay warm in. The electric heater doesn't have a flame and it doesn't burn oxygen, making it much safer and a more suitable option to use indoors than heaters with real flames.

  • Safe - no worries about pressurised gas or storing cylinders and, unlike gas, no annual servicing
  • Silent - it's electric
  • Clean - no smells and virtually maintenance-free
  • Compact - clean and easy to store
  • Effective - infrared rays warm instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it is switched on
  • Efficient - unaffected by drafts
  • Economical and environmentally friendly - cheaper than gas heating. It is a very eco-friendly heater that will reduce your carbon footprint
Location Freestanding
Power Up to 3kW
Power Source Electric
Type Freestanding
Colour Black