90cm Bamboo Canes (Pack of 40)

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90cm Bamboo Canes (Pack of 40)
90cm Bamboo Canes (Pack of 40)

Natural, versatile, strong, durable and best of all: sustainably grown. Why look any further for a plant support solution? Suitable for vegetable patches, flower borders and for use indoors. These canes have been hand-picked, cleaned and graded to ensure the best possible quality. Simply use them as basic stakes, to construct a frame for netting, or let your creative juices flow and create trellises, obelisks, etc.


  • Support your plants - tomatoes, peas, flowers, etc. can be supported to provide protection and encourage growth
  • High tensile strength - allows a variety of uses
  • Flexible - no knots, unlike wood, can bend considerably without snapping
  • Versatile - construct your own obelisks, trellises, netting frames, etc.
  • Sustainably grown - naturally quick growing so large volumes can be produced

Many people think that bamboo is a tree, but it is actually a very quick-growing grass, meaning that it can easily be sustainably grown in large volumes. It is one of the fastest growing plants and is therefore being championed by environmentalists across the globe. It is extremely renewable due to its quick growth and subsequent high crop turnover. No gardener worth their salt would want to manage without their trusty bamboo canes.


Each cane: Length 90cm (2ft 11½in)
Average Width 1.5cm (½in)

Pack of 40 canes

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