90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)

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90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)
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90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent)
Height8 cm( 3.1 in )
Depth11.5 cm( 4.5 in )
Length90 cm( 2 ft 11 in )
MetalCorten Steel
This stunning blade cascade would make a lovely addition to your garden. Corten steel brings a contemporary yet sophisticated finish to this water feature. Used in gold medal winning gardens of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015, corten steel boats a spectacularly unique appearance, providing this feature with weatherproofing and corrosion resistance. With relatively easy installation, this instant waterfall can transform an existing pond, or be used to create your own new feature.

  • Made from corten steel - fashionable naturally self-rusting material that requires no painting or maintenance
  • Connect the hose to either the rear or the bottom for the feature for a more versatile blade [more]
  • Mount in or on a wall [more]
  • Length 90cm (11¾in)
  • Depth 11.5cm (4½in)
  • Height 8cm (3in)
  • Weight 2.5kg

Please Note: Corten steel takes approximately three days to start to develop its protective layer, and will arrive silver.

When the corten steel starts to develop, it will progress from traditionally silver steel to the earthy hue of oxidised metal, bringing a burst of orange to complement flowers and gardens. Special welding techniques are used to ensure consistent weathering for the optimum antique feel. Perfect for outdoor use, this water feature is guaranteed to provide a stunning focal point to any garden or patio area.

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Additional Sizes
Water Feature Price Length Weight
30cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent) 30cm Corten Steel Blade Cascade £55.99 30cm
45cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent) 45cm Corten Steel Blade Cascade £65.99 45cm
(1ft 3¾in)
60cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent) 60cm Corten Steel Blade Cascade £75.99 60cm
(1ft 11½in)

Create an instant waterfall in your garden or home with a striking cascade waterfall blade.

This innovative water feature alters the flow of the water in such a way that results in a gorgeous blade of water which cascades as a beautiful sheet into a pool or reservoir below. This gives the impression of a perfect sheet or curtain of water which is great for complimenting modern gardens, and can be illuminated at night to great effect with an LED kit or spotlights.

Easy to install, a hose can be connected either to the rear or bottom of the blade and mounted on or in a wall. It can easily be built into a wall, or attached with strong glue or welded to a variety of other surfaces. When mounted above a pond, this feature becomes a gorgeous waterfall which even oxygenates the water below. It can also be mounted above a reservoir or pebble pool where the water appears to vanish beneath the ground before being recycled back through the pump.

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Hose Kit

No Hose Kit

90cm Hose Kit
90cm Hose Kit +£29.99In Stock
Hose Kit installation diagram These are the hose kits for our 15cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 75cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm cascade waterfalls.

The hose kit contains:

  • Ribbed Hose Diameter: 25mm (15cm - 60cm: 2 metres, 90cm: 4 metres, 120cm - 150cm: 6 metres)
  • Flow Adjuster (2 Way Splitter up to 60 / 3 Way Splitter from 90cm)
  • Hose Tail (25-30mm)(s)
  • Hose Clamps / Jubilee Clips

No pump

4,000LPH pump
4,000LPH pump +£54.99In Stock
6,000LPH pump
6,000LPH pump +£95.99In Stock
10,000LPH pump
10,000LPH pump +£98.99In Stock
For our handy guide, please take a look Here

No reservoir

Rectangular 36L Stainless Steel
Rectangular 36L Stainless Steel +£58.99Due in 5/3/2018
Square 50L Stainless Steel
Square 50L Stainless Steel +£94.99
100L Heavy Duty Plastic
100L Heavy Duty Plastic +£59.99In Stock
52L Plastic
52L Plastic +£45.99In Stock
It is key, in creating your cascade/water feature, that the reservoir tank that stores the water is large enough and collects all the water flowing from the feature (otherwise you will lose water and keep having to refill the cascade).

In creating your water feature, you will want to hide the pump in the water as well as the hosing connecting the pump to the cascade. One option is to create a trough in the ground and then line it using a pond liner. You also have the option of plastic or stainless steel reservoirs depending on taste.

No LED light strip

90cm White LED strip
90cm White LED strip +£64.99In Stock
90cm Blue LED strip
90cm Blue LED strip +£49.99Due in 5/3/2018
90cm Colour Changing LED strip
90cm Colour Changing LED strip +£64.99In Stock
Keep your blade water feature running long into the night with this gorgeous colour changing LED strip light. When installed at the back of the blade, the row of bulbs illuminate the water as it cascades into the pool or reservoir below for a truly spectacular effect. With red, blue and green LED lights, this strip can cycle through a number of striking colours for a range of gorgeous effects to suit any garden.
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1 x 90cm Corten Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer Descent):
£99.99   (£99.99 each)
Hose Kit: No Hose Kit   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Pump: No pump   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Reservoir: No reservoir   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Lighting: No LED light strip   +£0.00 (£0.00 each)
Total £99.99

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