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The Primrose Water Features Book

With gorgeous photography and stories from everyday gardens around the country, The Primrose Water Feature Book will show you how a water feature can transform your outdoor space. Hear from our customers about how they redesigned their gardens and be inspired by the variety of features on offer. Plus get practical advice on everything from building ponds and planting around water to choosing the right material.

Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1Water Features — a Place in Time
Chapter 2How to Pick the Right Style for Your Garden
Chapter 3Stone vs Plastic
Chapter 4Solar vs Mains Powered
Chapter 5Where to Put Your Water Feature
Chapter 6Step by Step Installation Guide
Chapter 7Pond Life
Chapter 8Planting and Presentation
Chapter 9Water Features and Wildlife
Chapter 10Looking after Your Water Feature
Chapter 11After Dark — Extra Lighting Options Available
Chapter 12So How Do Water Features Actually Work?
Acknowledgements, About the author

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