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Acorn Metal Hanging Bird Feeder

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Acorn Metal Hanging Bird Feeder

Made from steel and finished in charming rustic hues with a durable paint. The perfect gift for any gardener and their feathered friends!

Visiting birds in your garden can be a truly enchanting sight, adding so much to the captivating rustic scene. When the same birds return again and again, the warm fuzzy feeling that engenders can be unparalleled. What brings them back? How can you attract new birds?

Well, setting up a ball feeder is certainly an option to consider. As interesting gardening gifts go, this is something any garden lover would be thrilled to receive. Birds of all kinds adore them, and you can hang them just about anywhere. Appealing Acorn Ball Feeders from Avocado Stone are as fabulous to behold as they are functional. Their burgeoning popularity with gardeners across the UK can be attributed to them being interesting to the eye yet not overtly quirky. Add something special to your garden without the new inclusion dominating or proving irritatingly distracting.

As a welcome addition to any garden an Acorn Ball Feeder with its pastoral acorn leaf design is made to last and as well as being easily attachable to tree branches, bird boxes and purpose-built wooden poles and stands, it can be refilled time and time again, quickly, in a hassle-free way, and without breaking. With your new Acorn Ball Feeder in place, visiting sparrows, robins, thrushes, pied wagtails and other beautiful birds can look forward to pecking through the wire mesh feeder to their hearts' content each day, before resting a while and then soaring happily skywards once more. Until their inevitable return!

Don't forget to provide water!

To create a real haven for wildlife in your garden, it is important to also provide birds with a source of clean, fresh water. Birds need to have access to water all year round to ensure they have a space where they can drink and bathe without fear of predators. Most small birds, especially seed eaters, need to drink at least twice a day so they can stay healthy and hydrated. However it is also important that birds have a place to bathe so they can keep their feathers in good condition. To see our range of both solar and traditional birdbaths, see the link below.


  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Chain Length: 54.5cm