Acrylic Garden Mirrors

Why choose acrylic mirror sheets for your garden?

Made from acrylic (plastic), it is 10 times stronger than glass and weighs 80% less. 3mm thick.

It is also safe to use and does not shatter. It is easily cut - to cut straight lines, score halfway through with a knife then break along a straight edge. Cut curves with a fine toothed saw cutting disc or tile cutter.

It can also be drilled (use a drill bit for drilling metal) or glued using mirror adhesive.

Please note that the acrylic mirrors are flexible, so bear in mind that the reflection will only be as good as the surface to which the mirror is fixed, so it is suggested that the adhesive is spread smoothly and the mirror firmly flattened to any backing material.

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Displaying products from 1 to 60 of 94 View All