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All Year Round Mole Deterrent Pack

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All Year Round Mole Deterrent Pack

Protect your garden from unattractive molehills by installing these easy to use and highly effective mole deterrents. This set gives you one Advanced Solar Powered Mole Deterrent and one Battery Powered Mole Deterrent, allowing you to protect your garden from moles all year round. Their large area of effect means that even large lawns and garden spaces can be protected from moles with ease, simply push the deterrents into the ground and turn them on.

These mole deterrents allow you to keep your garden free of unsightly molehills all year round through a combination of the solar and battery powered models of our mole deterrent. The deterrents work by sending out low frequency vibrations which are inaudible to humans. These vibrations emulate the sound of predators burrowing in search of the moles, or of other moles invading their territory. When the device is working, you'll hear a beep every 30 seconds or so, this isn't the sound the moles hear, but is there to let you know that it's working.

These repellers are advantageous in that they're much more humane than other forms of pest control; no poison, no traps, no mess. This is especially helpful if you have household pets which spend time in your garden.

Please Note: The vibrations transmit better through certain types of soil than others, for example, the sound will travel further through chalky soil than sandy soil.


  • Safe, simple and effective - no poisons or chemicals, completely safe to use anywhere in the garden, just set them and leave
  • Battery and solar powered options - ensuring that you can keep the mole pests at bay all year round, this set includes a solar powered device for summer and a battery powered alternative for the darker months
  • Humane deterrent and prevention - encourage moles to leave your garden simply and humanely, no need to set and clear traps or lay poison, simply push the device into the ground, and turn it on
  • Effectiveness guarantee - clears your garden of moles within 60 days, if it doesn't do the job we'll refund you the cost (minus postage)
  • Large area of effect - these two deterrents cover a massive 2692m² between them, allowing you to deter the mole populations of even large gardens
  • Comes with Rechargeable Batteries - integrated rechargeable batteries are charged throughout the day by the solar panel, creating a back-up power source when there is little or no sunlight


Solar Powered Mole Deterrent:

    • Height: 44cm (1ft 5½in)
    • Diameter: 12cm (4¾in)
    • Area of effect: 25m radius circle, 1962m² total area

Battery Powered Mole Deterrent:

  • Height: 38cm (1ft 3in)
  • Area of effect: 15m radius circle, 729m² total area
  • Requires: 4 D batteries
More Information
Power Source Battery, Solar
Location Outdoor
Type Ultrasonic
Pest Mole