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Anakena XXLarge Planter in Metallic Silver – H125cm x Dia100cm
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Anakena XLarge Planter in Metallic Silver – H100cm x Dia80cm

Code: PP10137
Anakena XLarge Planter in Metallic Silver – H100cm x Dia80cm

A wide range of premium planters that are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours. Made using modern, durable, and weather resistant fibreglass composition, the planters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they are UV and frost resistant.

There are eight designs available, each including different size and colour options. All planters are different, but all boast a bold and contemporary design as well as an attractive high gloss finish. You're sure to find the perfect planter, whether it's for your office, garden, patio, living room, or conservatory. These large, decorative planters are also very popular for streets, parks, and public areas, creating a charming and memorable impression for those passing by.

In addition to their versatile sizing and aesthetic, the option to purchase an an insert is also available, meaning that the whole planter does not have to be filled with heavy soil. This is recommended if you plan to keep the planter on a balcony, rooftop, or terrace.

This eclectic range of striking, high quality planters will have something for everyone.

  • Premium quality
  • Modern design
  • High gloss
  • Extremely resistant
  • Advanced materials
  • Outdoor and indoor use
You have a choice of planting methods: directly in the planter or in additional container placed inside the planter referred to as an insert. The insert allows you to significantly reduce the quantity of soil required to fill the planter reducing weight, which makes them perfect for use on balconies and terraces.

These planters are available also with small hidden wheels, which allow for easier rearrangement of planters. In this case it is recommended to keep the plant in the insert for easier planter movement.

Planter shown with and without insert.

Optional Extras
  • Wheels for Extra Large Planter
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    Wheels for Extra Large Planter
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Drainage holes can easily be drilled if the planter is intended for use outside - you can ask while placing your order or do it yourself.

These planters are a great addition to every office, house, apartment and garden. They look stunning also as street or park decorations, fascinating passers-by with their shape and beauty.

Additional Sizes
Planter Size Price Height Diameter Weight Volume
Small £219.95 45cm
(1ft 6in)
(1ft 3in)
3kg 30L
Medium £289.95 60cm
(1ft 11½in)
(1ft 7¾in)
6kg 80L
Large £429.95 75cm
(2ft 5½in)
(1ft 11½in)
8kg 160L
Extra Large £699.99 1m
(3ft 3½in)
(2ft 7½in)
19kg 380L
Extra Extra Large £999.99 1.25m
(4ft 1¼in)
(3ft 3½in)
26kg 740L

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