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Anti-Mole Bulbs and Planter Kit By Sork

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Anti-Mole Bulbs and Planter Kit By Sork

If unsightly molehills are ruining your lawn, but you don't want the hassle or mess of poison or traps, these all-natural Mole Bulbs are the perfect solution. Simply plant them in your garden and they secrete a smell which is almost undetectable for humans but moles can't stand! Help your garden stay mole-free and your lawn remain undisturbed with the handy mole bulbs!

With these natural mole repellent bulbs, your garden can be mole free for up to two years, leaving your lawn molehill free, and giving you more time to spend enjoying your outdoor spaces.


  • All natural repellent - these bulbs give off a smell almost undetectable to humans, no poison, no traps
  • Garden friendly - these bulbs do no damage to your garden and the most maintenance you will have to do is to trim the small yellow flower back when you mow or otherwise tidy up the lawn
  • Large area of effect - this one package is enough to keep 500m² of garden mole-free
  • Long lasting effects - planting these bulbs can help keep your garden mole-free for up to two years
  • Tried and tested product - having spent 12 years on the Swedish market, this product has been tried and tested


Bulb Planter

  • Height: 33cm (1ft 1in)
  • Width: 15cm (6in)
  • Depth: 3cm (1¼in)

Bulbs Package

  • Height: 15cm (6in)
  • Width: 9cm (3¾in)
  • Depth: 2.5cm (1in)
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Power Source Non Electronic
Location Outdoor
Pest Mole
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