Anti Shatter

Anti Shatter & Safety

Anti-shatter film stop glass splintering when it breaks. The film is designed to comply with current legislation.
It comes in two thicknesses - 100microns, designed to meet Class B compliance standards, and 175microns, designed to meet Class A compliance standards. Use in institutional buildings, workplaces, child nurseries, créches and in the home. Offers protection against accidents and will also slow down anyone trying to break in since broken glass will be held together by the film.

Class B - 100-micron is tested to EN 12 600 2B2 (BS 6206). This is for personal protection, i.e. if a person falls against the glass it will break safely.
Class A - 175-micron is tested to EN 12 600 1B1 (BS 6206). This is for blast protection, i.e. in the event of an explosion it will hold the glass together.

We also offer a combined Class B safety and privacy film.

To see which film is most suitable for your glass and requirements, have a look at our Range at a glance table

Sold in 1m length strips with a variety of widths

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  • Privacy
  • See out not in (mirrored)
  • Solar Glare and Heat
  • Anti UV
  • Anti shatter & safety
  • Conservatory