Antique Easy Lawn Edging - Single Pack (25cm)

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Antique Easy Lawn Edging - Single Pack (25cm)
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Antique Easy Lawn Edging - Single Pack (25cm)
This antique easy edging is the perfect border for a traditional or classic garden setting. Easy edging designs are a contemporary style of lawn edging that keeps materials separate and tidy whilst offering a sleek finishing touch to your garden. The edging lays around the circumference of your lawn, path or flower bed to create a seamless, elegant border.

  • Natural look - the stone aesthetic of this lawn edging is perfect for natural style gardens
  • Contemporary design - easy edging is a simple, modern lawn edging design that brings your lawn, paths and flowerbeds alive
  • Versatile - the modern design complements any area of a garden, including lawns, flowerbeds, ponds and gravelled patches
  • Height - 5.5cm
  • Width - 8.5cm
  • Individual Length - 25cm

Alternative Sizes and Packs
Pack Quantity Price Total Length
Single Pack £7.99 25cm
2 Pack £15.98  £15.48 50cm
5 Pack £39.95  £37.45 1.25m
(4ft 1in)
10 Pack £79.99  £69.99 2.5m
(8ft 2in)
20 Pack £159.80  £129.80 5m
(16ft 4in)


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