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Discover our brilliant range of apple trees for sale and find the perfect beginner fruit tree which can be grown all-year round. Whether you want to cook a delicious crumble with dessert apples or brew your own homemade drinks with cider apples, you can grow your ingredients from your very own garden with our apple trees online.

Browse our complete collection of fruit plants to find even more ways to grow your own at home!

The perfect first fruit tree, apple trees will bear fruit with little effort, although that doesn't mean there aren't factors worth considering.

Firstly, pollination is important as without a pollination partner many apple trees will not produce fruit! Hence, if you are in a isolated location it's essential you buy a compatible tree such as a crabapple - the best pollinator around.

Secondly, rootstocks such as M26, M27 and MM106 determine the size of your tree with dwarfing rootstocks producing smaller trees. Thus, if your garden is small a dwarfing rootstock is a must!

Lastly, if you are to buy multiple trees, don't buy multiple trees in the same fruiting period, or you'll end up with a glut. Buy one from each and you'll have fresh apples for longer.

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Displaying products from 61 to 90 of 211 View All