Artista Sand Hammock by Amazonas™

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Artista Sand Hammock by Amazonas™
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Artista Sand Hammock by Amazonas™
With a width of 1.30 m and a length of 1.60 m, the Artista is king sized and therefore almost as big as a classical Brazilian hammock. The quadruple stitched ends and the extra thick 400 g/m² woven material guarantee the highest sturdiness, as with all of our Brazilian hammocks. The Artista chair has a strong 40 mm diameter x 1.10 m long wood bar with a special design that secures the ropes and prevents sliding toward the center.


  • Bar Length: 110 cm Approx.
  • Lying Surface: 160 x 130 cm

Health Benefits

Yes, really! Hammocks are good for you. Just take one look at a hammock and even the layman can see that you lie differently in a hammock than in a bed. Hammocks allow the user to lie completely relaxed.

Proper reclining technique ensures good lying posture, which can prevent back pain and helps the entire body relax. The hammock is often an important component of therapy for the elderly, people with disabilities and children: vestibular and movement disorders can be treated by harnessing the turning and rocking motion of the hammock. The gentle rocking motion of the hammock is thought to resemble the womb and has a calming effect. Children who suffer from hyperactivity and a lack of concentration can often relax and calm down more easily in a hammock. Hammocks can help dissipate surplus energy, relax cramped muscles and help the user find new methods of body control. In addition, motor function is improved to prevent it from interfering with other bodily processes in the future.

Woven from recycled yarn. The word "cotton" evokes associations with nature, the good old days, quality and tradition. However, it's also true that cotton production puts a great strain on the environment: just 2.4 % of the world's arable land is planted with cotton, yet the crop is heavily dependent on pesticides and accounts for approximately 25 % of the world's pesticide market. What's more, each ton of cotton produced uses up a staggering 18,000 litres of freshwater.

That's why having fewer cotton plantations means more life-giving water and fewer pesticides and insecticides for our environment.

In the light of such figures, it is even more painful that remnants of this so dearly obtained material are discarded during textile production and – in most cases – simply thrown away. Amazonas uses a straightforward technique to turn these remnants back into yarn.

That's why we produce our hammocks this way – and help preserve the world's natural resources and protect the environment.

Important Notes:

  • Always keep the hammock strings untangled. CAUTION! Risk of strangulation! Never put your head through the suspension ropes!
  • The hammock can be left outdoors, but will fade like that comfortable pair of jeans with exposure to the sun. Your hammock should not be put away wet to avoid mildew.
  • A hammock is not a toy. Hammocks with spreader bar are naturally tippy. Children should use only with close adult supervision.
  • Do not climb or sit on the wooden pole! There is a danger of falling due to the hanging chair tipping over or the wood breaking!
  • Before using, always check the hammock for damage. The hammock must not be used if there are broken, torn or otherwise defective parts!

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