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Fitting your awning - Video and Instructions

  • Easily fitted in as little as 30 minutes
  • Drill only 4 holes (maximum 12 holes for largest awnings)
  • One-person job (except when lifting awning into position)

Please note: The videos are for guidance purpose only and are not to be followed as instructions. Full instructions below for a specific awning model.

Thanks to Al from dereton33 for this video to show just how easy it is to install a Primrose Awning.

Installation instructions

Electric awnings - additional info

Replacement Covers

We also sell replacement fabric covers if you already have an awning. Instructions for changing the awning fabric:

Awning Installation service

All Primrose installations are handled by a third-party installation company, who offer a professional installation service for your awning, through our network of approved installers.

The prices for installation are as follows:

  • Up to 3.5m is from £400.00 including VAT
  • 4m to 5m is from £450.00 including VAT
  • 6m is from £500.00 including VAT

Note: £50 including VAT charged for out of area or within London. Please contact the installer for more information.

There may be an extra fee, if works outside of the installation are needed such as:

  • Removal/disposal of existing awnings. Typically, our installers charge £50 to remove your existing awning and £50 for disposal. 
    Please note these fees do not include removal/disposal of Victorian-style awnings or dutch canopies and are subject to an awning installation being carried out at the same property at the same time.
  • Installation of lights/heaters
  • Supply of extra cabling (if the nearest socket is more than 5 metres from the left-hand side of the awning)
  • Additional specialist awning brackets

The prices for the above services are quoted directly by your local Primrose-approved installer and prices quoted are to the installers’ discretion.

How to arrange my Primrose Awning Installation

To arrange your awning installation, simply complete the online form on the saffron shutters installer website.

A member of staff from Saffron Shutters & Awnings will be in touch within 2 working days to confirm receipt of your online form and advise of any installation issues.

Helpful points about your Primrose awning installation

Here is a list to consider when planning your installation, these are as follows:

  • Our installers will aim to install your awning within two weeks of submitting your awning installation request. Click here to complete your online installation request.
    Please note if you require additional awning brackets, this may prolong your awning installation during peak times and the price for the additional awning brackets are not included in the price of the awning installation.
  • All Primrose awnings are powered with the motor/manual winder on the left-hand side ( if you are facing the house).
    On electric awnings, the 4-core motor cable (black), which is supplied with the awning is approx.1m long. There is a separate 5m long 3-core black cable which will run from your wall switch/remote control box to the nearest plug socket/spur.
  • If there is any obstructions like waste pipes, gas/boiler flues (flues can be re-routed by a gas safe engineer) or outward opening bi-folding doors.
    You may require additional brackets or simply install the awning to be slightly higher up the wall to clear any obstructions.
    To view the range of additional specialist awning brackets available, please click here where you can purchase additional brackets through our third-party company called Saffron Shutters & Awnings. All of their awning brackets are available to fit any of our awnings range.
  • Not all installations are straight forward but that’s not to say you can’t have an awning. This can be resolved by simply emailing Saffron Shutters & Awnings, during the planning stage of your project with your ideas/requirements with photos of where you are looking to shade and they will be able to assist with your enquiry.
    To contact Saffron Shutters & Awnings, simply contact them on 01799 796204 or  Email them here.
  • While you are planning your awning installation, have you thought about including lights and heaters as well?
    Primrose offer a huge range of universal LED lights and heaters which can enhance your awning experience and are available to be added to your awning at a later stage, if necessary. 

Visit our awning accessories page where you can see our LED lights and heaters range as well as various fixtures and fittings.