Add an oriental touch to your garden with our fantastic selection of bamboo.

These hardy varieties require little looking after and will grow happily in the UK climate: great for privacy screening, hedging or adding a unique focal point to your garden.

We have discounts for quantity available and unlike other retailers, our bamboo comes in huge 10L pots
already over a metre and a half tall with thick, colourful stems and beautiful foliage.

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Growth Habit + -
  • Clump-Forming Bamboo
  • Screen/Hedging Bamboo
  • Spreading Bamboo
Fully-grown Height + -
  • Up to 3m High (when fully grown)
  • Up to 5m High (when fully grown)
  • Up to 10m High (when fully grown)
Colour + -
  • Red Plants
  • Yellow Plants
  • Black/Brown Plants
  • Green Plants
  • Variegated Plants
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