Bamboo Control System | 4m Roll | 1-2 Plants

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Bamboo Control System | 4m Roll | 1-2 Plants
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Bamboo Control System | 4m Roll | 1-2 Plants
Controlling the spread of bamboo can be tricky. If not done properly, it is hard to maintain a good shape to your clump. Worse still, you could find you bamboo creeping into your neighbours garden or damaging structures. Rhizome producing bamboo can throw up shoots meters away from the main plant and they have been know to force through paving!

Bamboo Rhizomes

Rhizomes are underground stems that run parallel to the surface and can travel a considerable distance from the original plant. When a rhizome contact the outward-slanting membrane (see diagram) it is directed to the surface and transforms into foliated growth.

Installation Part 1

Dig out the hole where you want to plant your bamboo, to a depth that allows the barrier membrane to protrude 6cm above ground level (fig 1).

Installation Part 2

In order to have the membrane slanting outwards away from bamboo you will need to create corners. To create each corner hold the membrane in place at the top, pull out the bottom and create a fold bigger at the bottom than at the top of the membrane (fig 2). Use stakes to hold the membrane in place as you work. Allow an overlap of 50cm when joining two sections of membrane together. Seal both the top and cut ends at overlaps with strong tape to ensure no earth gets into the join.

Installation Tips

  • Allow an overlap of 0.5m at joint
  • Use strong tape to seal joint
  • Cut with a sharp knife if needed
  • Use 90cm stakes to hold membrane in place as you work if needed
  • Create a bamboo hedge

    The control system is perfect if you would like to grow a bamboo hedge. Bamboo is perfect for hedging - if you can control it! It is much faster growing than most hedges, evergreen and has beautiful foliage.


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