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Banquet™ Tuscan Masonry Charcoal BBQ H179cm x W86cm

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Available to order from 01/02/2022

Banquet™ Tuscan Masonry Charcoal BBQ H179cm x W86cm

Cook up a sizzling storm of delicious barbecued food with this brilliant Tuscan Masonry barbecue! Standing at 1.79m tall, it's an impressive and permanent focal point to any garden or outdoor entertaining area, and allows you to cook comfortably for even large parties.

This fantastic flue helps to funnel smoke up and away from you and your guests, which allows you to enjoy the fresh evening air without lots of smoke billowing out. 

Please Note: This barbecue will arrive unpainted and will require assembly.

Chromium Plated Grill for Easy Cooking and Cleaning

The chromium plated grill can withstand the high temperatures of burning charcoal, and can be easily washed clean once you have finished your barbecue. There are two shelf levels, which can help you to control the cooking temperature. With two separate grilling levels, you are able to move the grill closer to, or further from the charcoal, depending on how well done you like your food or how quickly you want it to cook.

Convenient Built-In Storage

Two storage shelves are built into the barbecue, with both of them situated beneath the grill. This allows you to keep your food and utensils within easy reach. The bottom shelf can be used for larger options, perhaps stacks of plates, ready to put your delicious, sizzling hot food on to, whereas the thinner shelf would be better for utensils and useful barbecuing equipment.

Combined Work and Storage Space

The workspace has been extended around the body of the barbecue, giving you even more space for storage. Whether it's seasoning, spices,sauce for the food or sauce for the chef, this handy space is perfect for keeping small items close at hand.

Optional Extras

We sell a variety of accessories to help you cook and also to enable you to maintain your barbecue. The Charcoal Starter Lighting Kit will help you to light your barbecue on a breezy day. It ignites your coals quickly without any fuss; once they are fully lit you can simply empty them into your barbecue.



  • High quality refractory cement - this very heat resistant material is also sturdy, robust and long-lasting
  • Impressive masonry design - sure to make a great impression on your guests, this masonry design can be decorated or painted to ensure it looks great in your garden
  • Chromium plated grill - this hard-wearing grill is easy to clean, even after being exposed to flames and smoke
  • Workspace storage - the worktop of this barbecue is extended around the body to give you additional storage or work space whilst cooking, perfect for sauces, barbecue rubs, or spices
  • 2 grill levels - adjust the cooking temperature of your food by moving it up or down to either of the two grill levels
  • Smoke-channelling flue - funnels the smoke up away from you and your guests giving you a pleasant atmosphere for entertaining that only the weather could spoil
  • Self-assembly - the Tuscan Masonry Barbecue is supplied in component form, requiring the parts to be cemented together and painted by the customer

Barbecue Dimensions

  • Height 1.79m (5ft 10½in)
  • Width 86cm (2ft 10in)
  • Depth 56cm (1ft 10in)
  • Base width 58.5cm (1ft 11in)
  • Shelf height 69cm (2ft 3in)

Grill Dimensions

  • Width 47cm (1ft 6½in)
  • Depth 32cm (1ft ½in)
  • Weight: 220kg
 At the bottom of this page is an image of a similar uncemented barbecue. You will need to be home to sign for delivery as it is curb side delivery only. Delivery is not available to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The pieces of the BBQ can be heavy and will require two people to move.

When assembling your masonry barbecue you will require the following materials: Mortar (80% fine sand and 20% low strength cement), a roller to achieve a textured finish, a trowel, a brush, nylon cloth, quartz colour and a plasterer’s trowel.

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Power Source Solid Fuel
Type Charcoal BBQ, Masonry BBQ, Outdoor Fireplaces