Bayer Rat and Mouse Killer 500g (25g Sachets)

Code: SP0850
Bayer Rat and Mouse Killer 500g (25g Sachets)
Ready to use pre-measured 25g sachets of mixed grain bait. Contains Bitrex, an extremely bitter chemical designed to help prevent accidental human consumption. It can take up to a week to see effects, as rats are unlikely to feed from something new.


  • Height 18cm (7in) x Width 14cm (5½in) x Depth 6cm (2¼in)
  • Contains 20x 25g sachets

How to Use

For mice, use 50g (2 sachets) in bait stations 2-3m apart, or 1-1.5m in highly infested areas. Mice will eat from more than one point, so it is important to have more than one trap.

For rats, use up to 200g (8 sachets) in bait stations 8-10m apart, or 4-5m in highly infested areas. Rats eat from a single point, so you will need fewer bait stations with more bait.

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