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Beat the Storm

Prepare for the storm

Strulch Organic Garden MulchStrulch Organic Garden Mulch

Recover from the storm

Repair and replace

Fence Post Fixing by QuiksetFence Post Fixing by Quikset

The best bits for your storm survival checklist

Advice: An expert guide to surviving a storm

5 Ways to Keep Cool in Your Garden this Summer

Stormy weather can wreak havoc on our much loved gardens, discover tips on how to help your garden survive a storm. Plan and prepare with our guide What To Do When Your Garden Is Battered By Storms.

Gardening in the Rain: A Complete Guide

Never let the UK weather hold you back again! Learn the benefits of saving your gardening to-do list for those damp days with our rainy recommendations Gardening in the Rain: A Complete Guide.

How to Windproof Your Garden

Blustery weather can damage tender plants, scatter seeds and hurl objects around. But don’t worry, with a few simple tips you can learn how to windproof your garden for the next unexpected gusts with How to Windproof Your Garden.

Weather the storm


Primrose Beat the Storm

Storm damage in our gardens is often inevitable during extreme weather but there are things you can do to storm proof your garden and repair it after bouts of high winds and heavy rainfall. Look no further than our storm protection guides and curated product collection for all the ideas you need to get your garden back to looking its best. From repairing broken fences to adding plant supports, discover all you need to beat the storm in your garden at Primrose.

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