Bee Hyve

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Bee Hyve
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Bee Hyve

The Bee Hyve

The Bee Hyve is designed to provide a home for pollinating bees in your garden. The perfect gift for gardeners, nature-lovers and busy bees alike.

  • Height 17.5cm
  • Width 21.5cm
  • Depth 10cm
  • Weight 0.86kg

Don't bee scared!

Pollinating bees such as Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees and Orchard Bees provide invaluable pollination services to mankind, pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetables. These bees are safe around children and pets as they do not live in colonies, nor do they have stores of honey to defend. They just go quietly about their business not disturbing anyone.

What does it do?

The drilled holes in the solid wooden Bee Hyve allows somewhere safe for the female solitary bee to lay her eggs, so her larvae can survive over-winter and emerge in Spring time as adult bees. It is fascinating to watch them filling the tubes during Spring / Early Summer. Different species of solitary bee 'cap off' the bee cells using mud (Mason Bees) or leaf segments (Leafcutter bees). Bees are pollinators and will help you plants in your garden grow and thrive. Good for bees and great for your garden!

What is it made of?

The Bee Hyve is beautifully constructed from FSC certified timber and the body is painted with a water-based seagreen paint. It is topped with a natural lapped wooden roof which keeps the house dry and protected. The Bee Hyve can be hung using the hook on the back or stood firmly on a wall or ledge. Ideal height is between ground level and 1.5m in a sunny sheltered spot. The Bee Hyve should be orientated to get some morning and afternoon sun.


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