Beech Apple Storage Rack - 6 Drawer H70cm x W58cm x D47cm

Code: TE0522
Beech Apple Storage Rack - 6 Drawer H70cm x W58cm x D47cm
Beech Apple Storage Rack - 6 Drawer

Keeping apples has always been the bane of the fruit grower's life. A cardboard box in the garage just isn't good enough, and the poor air circulation increases the likelihood of rot. What is needed is this 6 drawer apple storage rack, with sliding trays, carefully slatted to provide your apples with the perfect airflow.


  • Keeps your autumn harvest fresh right through to spring
  • Made of solid FSC certified beech timber
  • Slatted drawers allow for proper air circulation
  • Arrives fully assembled - no complex instructions or fiddly DIY
  • 6 drawer capacity - plenty of storage room for fruits and veggies
  • Slide out trays make it easy to get to each individual apple

This beautiful 5 drawer apple rack is made of Forest Stewardship Council certified beech timber, so not only is it the traditional method of drying apples, it is also kind to the environment. Beech is a tough wood, which reacts well to abrasion and heavy weights, making this solid timber construction perfect for holding fruit, vegetables, and even a few bottles of wine! The slatted bottom to the drawers and the semi-open sides mean that the air circulates properly, allowing for proper preservation of your produce. Wrapping each apple individually in newspaper, and careful placing of ripe, undamaged apples, can help make your harvest last all the way through to spring. The fully assembled rack means no mess, no fuss - just ready to be filled with fruit.


Height 70cm (2ft 3½in) x Width 58cm (1ft 11in) x Depth 47cm (1ft 6½in)

Weight 15kg

Storing Tips

Here are some handy tips for helping to get the most out of your apple storage rack:

  • Keep your apple storage rack in a garage, cellar, or a cool room
  • If you can, try to space out the fruit so they aren't touching
  • Only store firm and unblemished apples, as damaged fruit can go mouldy and ruin the entire lot
  • Damaged apples are great for making cider, apple juice, and chutney
  • Wrap each individual apple in newspaper to help them keep for longer
  • Check produce regularly and remove any that show deterioration
  • Cooking apples store better than eating apples, especially the late ripening varieties
  • Can apply similar rules to other produce


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