What Are The Best House Plants For Beginners?

When the garden gets colder, you may start retreating to the warm indoors. You may find yourself missing time in your garden - we call this the garden blues. But what if there was a way to bring your love of the garden indoors for the winter? The solution is simple: house plants.

Our Top Picks For You

Golden Pothos

If you want something low maintenance and pretty that does a lot of the work for you, look no further. These plants will be fine in almost any light conditions (they won’t like having no light at all but some shade is fine). The leaves are so beautiful when trailing down from a shelf that people have been known to experience leaf envy when looking at them.

Monstera or Fiddle Leaf Fig

The monstera has been a houseplant favourite for a long time - it’s been disco dancing in our living rooms since the 80s when having houseplants first became cool. It's recently met a companion in the form of the fiddle leaf fig which has the admiration of coffee house hipsters and plant lovers alike. Both the monstera and fiddle leaf fig make excellent houseplants as they are easy to care for and offer great design features for your home. Whether you go with the old, the new, or both - you can’t go wrong with these popular plants.

Weeping Fig

Maybe a weeping fig is the plant for you? These plants are great for interior design and can make an artful feature in your living room. Don't be fooled by the name - the only weeping you will experience with this plant are the weeps of joy as you bring it into your home and watch it transform the space (and the leaves which have a weeping willow type effect giving it the name weeping fig...)


If the weeping fig isn't for you then we do have something a little more flashy. Something with a pop of colour, big beautiful leaves and worthy of many Instagram likes. It’s time you met the Bromeliad. With pink pastel blooms, beautiful drooping leaves, and an intriguing chalk-like effect covering the surface of the leaves - there is plenty to love with this plant. They love humidity so you can enjoy this one in your bathroom. The Bromeliad is the perfect way to add a view to your bathtub.

Peace Lily

If you’re still not sure, then we have another plant that is sure to impress. This plant not only takes care of itself, but it will take care of you too. The peace lily is easy to take care of, happy in a variety of light conditions and is the top-rated house plant for purifying the air. It helps to clean the air of toxins and pollutants, helping to give you fresh air with every breath. If that's not love then I don't know what is. With our homes becoming more versatile spaces; used for relaxing, exercising, working and more - having some air purifying plants to clean the air is a great choice.