BioGreen Phoenix Electric Fan Heater

Code: TE2139
BioGreen Phoenix Electric Fan Heater
Good aeration of plants is an often over-looked aspect of healthy growth in many gardens, greenhouses and conservatories. Ensuring air circulation around your plants is vital for them to thrive, when there is no airflow plants can remain damp for long periods of time running the risk of fungal diseases like black spot on roses or powdery mildew. The damp helps transmit the spores of these fungi and spreads the problem. Damp soil also attracts slugs and gnats which will nestle in and be difficult to get rid of.

Don't panic! There is a quick and simple solution available. The Phoenix Electric Fan Heater will provide plenty of aeration, prevent damp and do it all without chilling your plants and damaging more delicate flowers. The fan does not need to blow directly onto the plants, it merely needs to be situated in a greenhouse, conservatory or other to ensure aeration throughout the space.


  • Ideal for Greenhouse / Polytunnel heating
  • Versatile - includes floor mounting brackets & hanging fixing kit
  • 3 Heat Settings - 1.0kW, 1.8kW & 2.8kW
  • 1.8kW FP for 8’ x 10’ glass house or similar space
  • 2.8kW FP for 10’ x 20’ glass house or similar space
  • 3m power lead
  • IPX4 splashproof, stainless steel
  • Spring, Summer & Winter modes
  • Can use just as a fan in Summer

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