Strulch is the new wonder mulch, made from straw with added plant-helping, slug-bothering minerals to make your plants grow big and strong while keeping munching molluscs at bay. The name comes from 'straw' and 'mulch', and Strulch will make your garden magnificent for 2 whole years from one simple bag. Just spread then add water to get the mulch magic started! Each bag covers 3m2 so you don't need much to get mulch in all the right places. And as an added extra, as it breaks down it adds lovely nutrients to your soil and improves its structure.

10 reasons Strulch is great for your garden

  1. Strulch is eco-friendly
  2. It's made in Britain
  3. It's trusted and used by the RHS
  4. Mulch reduces weed growth
  5. It retains moisture, reducing waterings
  6. As it breaks down it enriches soil and structure
  7. Added minerals deter slugs and snails
  8. It makes plants healthier and stronger
  9. It lasts for 2 whole years
  10. The whole manufacturing process uses solar power
  11. Bonus reason - Worms love it too

Why should I use Strulch?

A spade putting down Strulch First, ask yourself why you should use mulch. Mulch keeps water in the soil to help reduce the amount of hot-weather waterings you need to do, keeping your plants' roots lovely and ambient. The minerals in the mulch break down over time to feed your plants too, so every gardener worth their salt knows mulch is the way to go. With Strulch, you get all of that goodness with bonus benefits to boot. The straw means it's as eco-friendly as it gets, with no harsh chemicals involved in its production. It's a by-product of food grain production, reducing waste, while its manufacture is powered entirely by solar energy. It might be brown, but it's as green as it gets!

Where do I get Strulch?

Strulch superimposed over a garden Right here at Primrose! We're a proud and official Strulch stockist, with 9kg bags available in amounts from one bag to a whopping 24 (that's 72m2 of coverage!). Note that if you order over 18 bags your order will arrive on a pallet, but with that size garden you've probably got space for it!

Shop Strulch and treat your plants properly this season