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Mairead Hill

  1. Top 10 Garden Canopy Ideas

    Shade can be a really important part of creating your garden oasis. No one wants to be getting hot and bothered whilst trying to enjoy a nice al-fresco lunch. There are also the healthcare risks to consider for your skin and how best to protect it.  So with all those important factors to consider, you can begin to discover the...
  2. The UK’s 6 Best Outdoor Lighting

    The UK’s 6 Best Outdoor Lighting
    Why outdoor lighting? Outdoor lighting is a great option to extend the use of your garden into the darker evenings. Decorating with outdoor lights will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space and really add value to the money you spent on that garden furniture set. You can even play with shadows so that your lighting scheme...
  3. The UK’s 6 Best Outdoor Rugs

    The UK’s 6 Best Outdoor Rugs
    What is the purpose of an outdoor rug? The purpose of an outdoor rug is similar to a rug indoors, it aims to bring space together and to add some extra pizazz. It can give your seating area a more inviting and comfortable appearance. Outdoor rugs can also help to keep the dirt outside where it belongs.  Outdoor rugs can...
  4. The 9 Best Climbers for Pergolas

    The 9 Best Climbers for Pergolas
    Pergolas are a great way to dress up your garden. They can add shade and decoration to your eating and dining space in your garden - especially with garden furniture beneath. Adding a climbing plant to a pergola gives it even more of a luxurious feel.  Pergolas with climbers surrounding them are hugely trending, Rooftop bars adorn their outdoor space with...

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