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  1. What To Plant in November

    What To Plant in November
    Now that Halloween's done for and Bonfire Night is either about to happen or fizzled out (depending on when you're reading this), it's time to look to November planting. The wind's picked up so consider planting bigger plants a little deeper to stop them uprooting, or be prepared to stake them well if fencing shelter isn't a possibility. We've got...
  2. November Gardening Jobs

    November Gardening Jobs
    The weather is getting colder and Bonfire night is on its way. Now autumn is slowly turning into winter, it’s time to prepare your garden for the colder months and sow the seeds for the summer. So we have put together a list of November gardening jobs to help you make the most of the last of the harvest season...
  3. What to Plant in October in the UK

    What to Plant in October in the UK
    Autumn's in full swing, meaning the temperatures are a little cooler and the rains are back in force. You'll have seen a lot of your bedding plants are still giving colour a go, but there's plenty more to get growing and enjoying this season. As ever, if you'd rather read about allotments and the best plants for your non-garden patch...
  4. October Gardening Jobs

    October Gardening Jobs
    We're now in the depths of Autumn, so trees are starting to drop their leaves, and temperatures are starting to drop fast too! This month is all about starting your final preparations for winter, while also enjoying harvest bounties and autumn colours. And sacking off weeds - the eternal struggle. General Plants Wildlife General Rake fallen leaves Clear lawns, borders...

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