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  1. How Much Do Awnings Cost?

    Awnings are split into four main categories at Primrose, in ascending order of quality (and price): Budget, Standard, Half Cassette, and Full Cassette. These are then subdivided into Manual and Electric (where appropriate), to end up with a huge range. The costs vary, so we're going to try and summarise them into price bands to give you a feel for...
  2. What is Corten Steel?

    in short, corten steel is a rusted surface creating a protective layer for the steel underneath. Corten is a type of steel that naturally weathers over time, developing an attractive and protective rust layer. Although somewhat counter-intuitive, the coating of rust is engineered to protect against further corrosion and keep the steel under-layer in good condition. In other words, corten steel is allowed to rust...
  3. Where Should I Place a Buddha Statue In My Garden?

    Before we dive into the 'where to place a buddha statue' detail, here’s the short version: keep it clean, face it towards the East, and don’t put it on the floor. What is a buddha statue? Buddha statues and heads are representations of the Buddha, an important figure in the Buddhist religion. They usually aren’t meant to represent the actual...
  4. The UK’s 6 Best Bird Baths

    The UK’s 6 Best Bird Baths
    Bird baths are great for allowing birds to have a little drink as well as obviously a bath to clean between their feathers so they can keep flitting about your garden. Especially during the hotter, drier summer months, there’s a lack of freely available pools of water for birds and this is especially important given their dry diet.  Bird baths...

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