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  1. How to Build Pallet Garden Furniture

    How to Build Pallet Garden Furniture
    Adding new furniture to your garden can transform the space into a scenic getaway – but you don’t need to order an expensive set to upgrade your lawn. Read this guide to learn how to build furniture from pallets. They’re budget-friendly resources you can transform into any type of furniture that works best in your garden. Why Do People Like...
  2. How to Grow Broad Beans

    How to Grow Broad Beans
    Broad beans, also known as fava beans, are hardy legumes which are very easy to grow, growing in a variety of soils and climates. The broad bean plant doesn’t take up too much space and produces crops from May onwards.  You can plant broad beans in spring and in autumn, and there are plenty of varieties of broad bean so...
  3. 6 Veranda Ideas for your Garden

    6 Veranda Ideas for your Garden
    Verandas are a perfect in-between for spending time outdoors while still being protected from unpredictable weather, be it damaging UV rays or rainy days. It’s no wonder people are opting in for these contemporary outdoor structures now more than ever. You too can have your own outdoor oasis. Read on for our top tips on accessorising and designing your veranda...
  4. Top 4 Best Pergolas in the UK

    Top 4 Best Pergolas in the UK
    So you're after a pergola for your garden? Of course, you want to know all and anything there is to know about pergolas before your investment. This guide will help you pick what the best pergola for your garden and needs. What is the best material for Pergolas? Metal Typically higher cost than wood, but not as expensive as fibreglass...

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