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  1. The Best Gazebos In The UK

    The Best Gazebos In The UK
    If you search for a gazebo you’ll quickly see a myriad of options in different shapes, sizes, styles, colours, and even materials. We've even dived into 'what is a gazebo' ourselves to get to the bottom of this enigmatic garden building. To keep it simple, we've divided the answer based on two simple questions. Do you want something temporary, or...
  2. How Much Do Awnings Cost?

    Awnings are split into four main categories at Primrose, in ascending order of quality (and price): Budget, Standard, Half Cassette, and Full Cassette. These are then subdivided into Manual and Electric (where appropriate), to end up with a huge range. The costs vary, so we're going to try and summarise them into price bands to give you a feel for...
  3. What Is A Gazebo?

    What Is A Gazebo?
    Learn what a gazebo is, the difference between them and other garden structures, and which is best for your garden with this straightforward guide.
  4. How To Build A Gazebo

    There are lots of different styles of gazebo and some are easier to set up and build than others - there’s even been some debate as to what a gazebo is as there are different types of structures often referred to as gazebos.  Why not check out our blog post on what a gazebo is, to find out more about...

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