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  1. Cream is the new Green!

    The Lacewing Deluxe Cream Aluminium Frame Greenhouse The balmy summer evenings, the gorgeous sunshine - we just don't want it to end. However, now's the time to look forward, not back. It's the season for planting and preparing for next year. Lay down the spring bulbs and harvest your delicious veg. We thought we'd give you a bit of a helping...
  2. Birds, Bees and Dahlias

    Birds, Bees and Dahlias
    It was like a scene from a Walt Disney film. There was my little boy standing in the middle of the patio with a bunny (we had let her out of her hutch earlier) hopping at his feet. Our friendly robin was sitting on the table watching and a dunnock kept sweeping past, flying from the hedge to the beech tree. Further down the garden I could see a male blackbird pulling an unsuspecting worm out of the ground. The bees were happily buzzing in and out of their purple sleeping bags - foxgloves. All we needed now was for my daughter to skip past in her Snow White costume. Unfortunately, the harmony was shattered when my little boy dropped his trowel onto the concrete, making a terrible din. All the creatures ran for cover. Continue reading →
  3. A New Greenhouse, and an Edwardian Greenhouse Water Feature

    A New Greenhouse, and an Edwardian Greenhouse Water Feature
    My garden seems to belong to two eras: before and after the hurricane. Before the hurricane, I had a wonderful greenhouse. Twenty or so feet long and 15 feet wide (I sorry, but I belong to the pre-decimal era). It had a two foot, L-shaped raised bed, an inside water tank, electric light, and staging and it was made out...
  4. Gill's Greenhouse Dream

    Hi, Things are getting really exciting now as my 'new greenhouse dream' is actually happening. Last weekend my husband and I emptied the old greenhouse and took all the glass out, only smashing one pane! We moved the frame onto a flat surface which we are going to eventually cover with a sheet of clear polythene so I can continue...