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  1. How Much Do Awnings Cost?

    Awnings are split into four main categories at Primrose, in ascending order of quality (and price): Budget, Standard, Half Cassette, and Full Cassette. These are then subdivided into Manual and Electric (where appropriate), to end up with a huge range. The costs vary, so we're going to try and summarise them into price bands to give you a feel for...
  2. The 9 Best Climbers for Pergolas

    The 9 Best Climbers for Pergolas
    Pergolas are a great way to dress up your garden. They can add shade and decoration to your eating and dining space in your garden - especially with garden furniture beneath. Adding a climbing plant to a pergola gives it even more of a luxurious feel.  Pergolas with climbers surrounding them are hugely trending, Rooftop bars adorn their outdoor space with...
  3. The Best 7 Awnings in the UK

    The Best 7 Awnings in the UK
    There are a lot of awnings out there. Overhanging patios, covering balconies and keeping people safe and in the shade up and down the country. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best patio awnings. But never fear: we’ve done just that. Who better to list the best awnings than the UK’s top awning...
  4. The Ultimate Guide To Awnings

    Welcome to our ultimate guide to awnings. Read on for some great advice on choosing an awning, installation and set up as well as cleaning tips. What is an awning? In its simplest form, an awning is a sheet of canvas or other material that is stretched across a frame to provide shade from the sun or protection from the...

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