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  1. What Is A Narcissus Flower? And Other Narcissus Questions

    What Is A Narcissus Flower? And Other Narcissus Questions
    A Narcissus flower is a daffodil, a perennial trumpet-shaped flower where Narcissus is the Latin name and daffodil the common. Every daffodil is a Narcissus, but not quite every Narcissus is a daffodil (sneaky jonquil). If you're ever unsure what that yellowy-whitey-reddy trumpet-flowered plant you're looking at is, call it a Narcissus and Google won't prove you wrong. We've gone...
  2. What To Plant in November

    What To Plant in November
    Now that Halloween's done for and Bonfire Night is either about to happen or fizzled out (depending on when you're reading this), it's time to look to November planting. The wind's picked up so consider planting bigger plants a little deeper to stop them uprooting, or be prepared to stake them well if fencing shelter isn't a possibility. We've got...
  3. What to Plant in October in the UK

    What to Plant in October in the UK
    Autumn's in full swing, meaning the temperatures are a little cooler and the rains are back in force. You'll have seen a lot of your bedding plants are still giving colour a go, but there's plenty more to get growing and enjoying this season. As ever, if you'd rather read about allotments and the best plants for your non-garden patch...
  4. How To Plant Bulbs

    How To Plant Bulbs
    Planting bulbs has always been one of our favourite gardening jobs. It gives us something to look forward to in our garden, where the beautiful flowers appear as a garden surprise a few months later! Planting bulbs is also a wonderful way to experiment with different varieties each year, where many will go on to naturalise. In this guide, we...

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