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  1. When to Plant Lupin Seeds

    Lupins are the perfect perennial for creating a cottage garden, but they also suit many other garden styles while standing tall in flower beds and containers. They usually flower around May and June-time with stunning vertical and flowering spikes of colour. Growing Lupins from Seed Lupin seeds don’t come true to colour so if planted from a seed packet, your...
  2. When to Plant Geranium Bulbs

    Geraniums actually originated in South Africa, brought over to Europe by Dutch traders in the 18th century. But despite originating there, these days have more connotations of a Mediterranean holiday, blooming throughout the summer. They were named geraniums after the hardy wildflowers already called geraniums that grew in Europe, as they were thought to be the same but are actually...
  3. How To Plant Bedding Plants in Pots

    How To Plant Bedding Plants in Pots
    Bedding plants can be very versatile - whether you’re planting from a tray, pot or plug, they can provide you with an array of colours in a small space and brighten up a dull flower bed or empty container in no time.  Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to plant your new bedding plants into a pot (and if you...
  4. Top 10 Bedding Plants For Your Garden

    Top 10 Bedding Plants For Your Garden
    There are thousands of bedding plants to choose from when you're planting your garden. So many colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from, even different types of bedding plants. With so many choices it can be hard to decide what bedding plants to plant in your garden.  Luckily for you, we have a handpicked list of the best bedding plants...