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  1. Sunshine and Wind in Our Garden

    Sunshine and Wind in Our Garden
    Oh what a beautiful day today, despite it being rather windy. The sun is shining and the rain has stopped! Nicole at the Plot Continue reading →
  2. Mirror, mirror on the wall (or the fence, or the trellis)...

    Mirror, mirror on the wall (or the fence, or the trellis)...
    I love to use mirrors in the garden, to reflect light and add a feeling of extra space to my small patch, which is only 25’ x 35’, so every little helps! I’ve had my mirrors for years, and they’ve stood up to the weather well, although maybe they’re just a little bit tarnished now. Only three are specific "garden mirrors" - the rest are from junk shops, car boots, pound shops etc. (Did I mention I was a thrifty gardener?), but they all serve to add a touch of mystery. So would you like to come with me and take a look through the looking glass? Continue reading →
  3. The Summertime Blues

    The Summertime Blues
    It’s raining again here in Cheshire (will it ever stop?), and I’m gazing through the window at my sodden garden, watching the slugs and snails slithering out from their hiding places (do they really think I can’t spot them?) and willing the sun to come out instead! But when I’m feeling blue, then all I need to do is take a look at my favourite summer flowers (or at least, photos of them) and, you’ve guessed it, they’re blue too! I thought it might be fun (and it sure beats doing the ironing) to compile a "Top Ten" of summer flowering blues. It’s a tough choice deciding which flowers to include, but here we go, in reverse order: Continue reading →
  4. Poppies from the Malvern Spring Show

    Poppies from the Malvern Spring Show
    In May I went to the Malvern Spring Show along with my lovely husband and his parents. There was so much to see at the show, I’m not sure I managed to get round to everything. The show gardens were lovely and they gave you a real sense of what can be created with a great deal of knowledge and...

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