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  1. The Best 20 Shrubs For Shade in the UK

    Gardens that are shaded by trees and buildings are becoming increasingly common, especially in smaller urban gardens. Although a shaded garden can be tricky to fill with beautiful plants and colour, they can present some creative opportunities. If you have a garden which is consistently shaded for most of the day and you're having difficulty deciding what the best plants...
  2. Everything you need to know About How to Prune and Cut Lavender

    Everything you need to know About How to Prune and Cut Lavender
    Our Guide on pruning and taking lavender cuttings will help you become a master in lavender care and propagation. Primed for the beginner gardener, this handy guide contains all the tips you need to perfectly prune and take cuttings of this classic woody shrub. Contents: What is Lavender? Lavender Care Species of Lavender Uses of Lavender Why Should I Prune ...
  3. What To Plant In Autumn

    Autumn can be a busy time in the garden, and one of the more exciting tasks is planting trees and plants to make sure they are established and ready for the Spring. We’ve made this guide to help you plan what to plant and get ahead of your spring garden.  Bare-root Trees, Hedging and Shrubs  Autumn is the best time...
  4. Hedging Frequently Asked Questions

    Hedging Frequently Asked Questions
    There's more to hedging than a home for birds and straightforward greenery privacy. Read on for some of the key hedging questions, and more importantly their answers! When is the best time to plant a hedge? If you are planting an evergreen hedge the best time to plant is early autumn; if, however, you are planting a deciduous hedge the...

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