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  1. How to Grow Beetroot

    How to Grow Beetroot
    An earthy little root vegetable, beetroot's perfect for pickling, roasting and boiling (if you like a pan of pink water too). Aside from when the soil's cold and hard, you can plant and harvest beetroot practically all year round - provided you're not after gigantic prize winners. Beetroot soil preparation Pick your planting spot, then get ready to turn it...
  2. How to Grow Chillies

    How to Grow Chillies
    Growing chillies has been popular for thousands of years. The Aztecs used to punish their children by holding them over smoking chillies, and there's evidence of their cultivation going back 6,000 years in South America. We've got chilli kits and chilli plants, which come with handy growing guides, but here's how to grow your own chillies if you've already got...
  3. How to Grow Cucumbers in the UK

    How to Grow Cucumbers in the UK
    Cucumbers are a later-spring/summer favourite, with their crisp skin, cool insides and ubiquitous presence in salads. Growing your own is a worthy endeavour, but it's good to get some tips in before committing to the attempt. Why not try to get growing with the kids? Not only might they learn something, but it might work a trick to get them...
  4. How To Grow Asparagus In The UK

    In the wild, asparagus often grows in coastal habitats where it thrives in soils that are too salty for normal weeds to grow. The first shoots that appear in the spring and are picked first are known as 'sprue asparagus'. This first batch has thin stems: the next crop will be thicker, but no less flavoursome.   If you are...

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