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  1. Managing a drought-struck lawn

    Managing a drought-struck lawn
    Putting it mildly, it's been pretty hot lately. The UK's seen some of the highest temperatures it's ever experienced, and we've all felt the drag of an obscenely hot few days. But we aren't the only ones who've suffered - our poor plants and lawns have also felt the burn. More likely than not, your lawn has been looking a...
  2. How To Plant Bedding Plants in Pots

    How To Plant Bedding Plants in Pots
    Bedding plants can be very versatile - whether you’re planting from a tray, pot or plug, they can provide you with an array of colours in a small space and brighten up a dull flower bed or empty container in no time.  Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to plant your new bedding plants into a pot (and if you...
  3. What is 'Green Friday'?

    What is 'Green Friday'?
    Green Friday is Primrose's answer to Black Friday, that dark day/weekend/week where people get trampled, shop staff get harassed and certain people push through crowds to get a 6.5% discount on pet food for a dog they don't own. Instead, we'd like to get back in touch with nature, help the Earth and our community to breathe, and plant loads...

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