There are a lot of water features out there, splashing away in gardens up and down the country. But how can you know which ones are the best?

We’ve crunched the numbers, studied the streams and collected cascades to find the best water features around according to our customers. It’s not just a coincidence that we sell them all – we pride ourselves on our collection of zen-inspiring, calm-inducing fountains, cascades, streams and showers.

If you’re after a purely solar-powered list, head to our guide on the 15 Best Solar Water Features.

Please note: all prices correct at time of writing.

The UK’s best water features – our top picks

1. Terracotta Solar Water Feature with Battery Backup and Lights by Solaray

Also available in blue and green, this water feature made from genuine terracotta is a charming addition to your patio or garden. Nestle it away or put it in pride of place and every time the sun hits, the water runs and the battery charges.

It’s a fabulous four-tier feature that goes great with planters and pots. It’s also the cheapest fountain in this list, making it a great starter feature.

  • Price: £89.99
  • Type: Tiered cascade
  • Size: 55cm x 33cm x 33cm
  • Power: Solar-powered

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2. Polished Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

The soothing nature and timeless style of a polished spherical stainless steel water feature means it tops our bestseller list year after year. So much so that not only are there two in this very list, but six sphere water features make up our top 15 bestsellers.

All you need to do is pick your size and you’ll be onto a winner with a sphere water feature, all featuring calm bubbles running smoothly over their surface.

  • Price: £829.99
  • Type: Low fountain
  • Size: 75cm sphere, 55cm reservoir, other sizes available
  • Power: Mains-powered

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3. Eclipse Sphere Stainless Steel Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

Our second sphere water feature stands out with a self-contained reservoir, meaning placement couldn’t be easier. It also means if you decide you want it somewhere else it’s easy to move – but be sure to drain it first to reduce the weight.

You can even put it indoors for some inside interest.

  • Price: £279.99
  • Type: Low fountain
  • Size: 30cm sphere, 46cm reservoir, other sizes available
  • Power: Mains-powered

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4. Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with Lights by Solaray

Bird baths are always charming, and this solar-powered water feature aids the natural feeling of its stone-and-water combination. Fountains and streams come together in a self-contained delight, and being mains-free means you can place it wherever you want.

It also includes different jet types for the stream selection that most catches your eye.

  • Price: £194.99
  • Type: Bird bath
  • Size: 80cm x 47cm x 47cm
  • Power: Solar-powered

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5. Weeping Willow Copper Tree Water Feature 

A truly striking water feature sculpture, the copper weeping willow has featured in several show gardens and is sure to turn heads. It stands in its own reservoir so there’s no digging required, and even when it isn’t running it’s a captivating piece of art.

Over time it changes colour too (as copper does), adding depth to its intriguing character.

  • Price: £1,542.99
  • Type: Rain fountain
  • Size: 120cm x 50cm diameter
  • Power: Mains-powered

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6. Regal Stone Effect 3-Tier Water Fountain by Ambienté

‘Stone effect’ means it isn’t stone, and in this case it’s the wonder-material polyresin that makes up the tiers and shapes. It’s designed to resist the weather while being mouldable into intricate shapes, and also a fair bit lighter than the real thing.

From the pineapple at the top to the pool at the bottom, this water feature is as grand as it gets. It’s also available in antique effect, a lighter coloured ‘stone’.

  • Price: £599.99
  • Type: Streaming fountain
  • Size: 150cm x 80cm diameter
  • Power: Mains-powered

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7. 8-Tier Rock Cascade Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

Sculpted from polyresin to seem like sedimentary rock, this self-contained feature is designed to blend in with your garden while standing out with its LED lights hidden within the pools. Constant streams emit soothing sounds, perfect for garden relaxation.

Of course, you can also put it indoors if you’ve got a hall or room in need of some watery intrigue.

  • Price: £899.99
  • Type: Tiered cascade
  • Size: 147cm x 78cm diameter
  • Power: Mains-powered

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8. 4-Tier Rock Pool Cascading Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

Similar to the above but with increased subtlety thanks to its 1m stature, this rock pool feature goes great nestled among your plants in a quiet corner of your garden. Watch the streams, listen to the splashes or wait to see if any birds come to look for a bathe.

If you have a rockery, this water feature couldn’t be more perfect to sit alongside it.

  • Price: £499.99
  • Type: Tiered cascade
  • Size: 100cm x 56cm x 44cm
  • Power: Mains-powered

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9. Double-Sided Curved Water Wall by Ambienté

Ideal either as executive indoor art or a monolithic garden classic, this curved water wall impresses whether on or off. The stainless steel means it’s designed to last while standing the test of time when it comes to style.

Be wary of wind speeds when it comes to tall, flat water features, and consider digging them in if consistently high where you live.

  • Price: £799.99
  • Type: Water wall
  • Size: 180cm x 50cm. Reservoir 70cm x 70cm
  • Power: Mains-powered

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10. Aphrodite Figurine Water Feature by Ambienté

If you’ve ever watched Bargain Hunt you’ll know statues often draw high interest. The Primrose Aphrodite is another perennial customer favourite, eternally reaching for the stars with a waterlily in hand as water runs down the figure.

It’s also made from polyresin rather than bronze, reducing the weight while maintaining durability.

  • Price: £349.99
  • Type: Tall fountain
  • Size: 162cm (base 35cm x 38cm)
  • Power: Mains-powered

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11. Kendal 4-Tier Cascade Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

Another polyresin-like-stone marvel, this water feature evokes Grecian bowls and steps for a calm tiered cascade. It’s self-contained (like most of the features in this list), so simply plug and play to enjoy immediate soothing sounds.

Place it on a patio or near a wall to make the most of its stone-like features.

  • Price: £259.99
  • Type: Tiered cascade
  • Size: 86cm x 39cm x 39cm
  • Power: Mains-powered

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12. Buckets and Tap Solar Water Feature by Solaray

The beauty of polyresin is in its intricate shapes, and there are few more adorable than this feature with squirrels playing by a bucket. It’s solar-powered so you can place it wherever you like, while the included battery keeps the water flowing even when the sun is hidden.

Keep the feature at its peak by turning it off when not in use, or just wait and enjoy it every time the sun comes out.

  • Price: £199.99
  • Type: Character cascade
  • Size: 72cm x 53cm x 53cm
  • Power: Solar-powered

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13. Easter Island Head Planter Solar Water Feature with Lights by Solaray

Sure to turn heads, the Easter Island Head (based on the famous Moai figures) includes space for plants to create a really exotic space in your garden. Water flies from the mouth into the self-contained reservoir, so no digging is needed for this colourful character.

And thanks to solar power and included battery, you can stream mains-free to your heart’s content.

  • Price: £309.99
  • Type: Character fountain
  • Size: 73cm x 37cm x 57cm
  • Power: Solar-powered

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14. Torver Slate Effect Sphere Water Feature with Lights by Ambienté

The return of the spheres, this slate-effect feature is another polyresin creation designed to draw the eye while remaining movable, placeable and wonderful. Water casually cascades over the surface before returning to the self-contained reservoir.

No digging is required, but you can always bury the reservoir and cover with stones for an added feature effect.

  • Price: £309.99
  • Type: Low fountain
  • Size: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • Power: Mains-powered

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15. Perth Solar 4-Tier Herb Planter Cascading Water Feature by Solaray

This water feature comes with space for herbs (or other small plants), so you can place it around your other planters for a little water feature surprise. Water streams casually from pool to pool, creating a calming effect out in your garden.

Top tip: choose plants with small roots for the greatest planter effect.

  • Price: £229.99
  • Type: Tiered cascade
  • Size: 42cm x 39cm x 39cm
  • Power: Solar-powered

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What’s the best material for a water feature?

Water Features come in all sorts of styles and shapes, and can be either mains- or solar-powered. But what about what they’re made from – what’s the best material for a water feature?

It comes down to what you want from your water features. If you want fantastical shapes without an astronomical cost, polyresin is the material to look out for. It’s durable and weather-resistant, while being considerably lighter than the materials it emulates. It can be made to look like stone, bronze, wood, feathers, fur or anything you can think of, thanks to a combination of expert moulding and careful painting.

For a timeless, stylish and frankly unbeatable look, stainless steel water features could be the way to go. The shiny qualities of the metal can lend an ethereal look to your water feature, while of course being rust and weather-resistant as all stainless steel is. These features tend to be geometric and come in a range of sizes, without being unmanageably heavy.

Stone water features (which covers sandstone, slate, granite, marble and more) are similarly timeless and always impressive, but have a drawback – they’re as heavy as stone. The larger the feature the more permanent its placement, but what an effect a stone feature can have. Birds love them for bathing, and people love them for their evocative, stately-home nature.

Other material styles include copper water features (looks fantastic with characteristic weathering), ceramic water features (often Mediterranean styles) and corten steel water features (intentionally rusts over time, industrial styles). The best material is the one that fits your needs and garden style – just take a look at what materials your garden uses already then shop accordingly.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to the UK’s best water features. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive – we could talk all day about our hundreds of water feature options available. Let this guide help you toward your favourite water feature, then pick it up at Primrose.

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