Indoor water features are a design element that a lot of people overlook. They add movement and sound into a space and can be used as a centrepiece or accent feature. In Feng Shui, indoor fountains are thought to bring peace, tranquillity and well-being into the home and universities have started to research the benefits themselves. So, how can an indoor fountain improve health? Read on to find out. 

They Improve Sleep 

The sounds of running water can be found on most sleep and relaxation soundtracks because they work. Being around nature is a great way to reset your body clock and promote good sleeping patterns, but nothing can beat the real thing. Any indoor water feature will bring the calming repetitive sounds of running water into the home and give you some relaxing background sounds. 

Why it’s important:  insomnia can affect your physical and mental health, work and even your relationships – this guide to  insomnia can teach you all about it if you’re suffering.

They Relieve Stress 

A study by the University of Sussex found that the sounds of nature can drastically lower stress levels. If you live in an urban area or don’t have access to many outdoor spaces during the week, then a water feature in the home is an ideal way to bring the outside in. 

Why it’s important: prolonged levels of stress can cause issues with your mental and physical health and can lead to burnout id not treated. 

They Humidify The Air 

It’s common in winter for the air in your home to begin to dry out when the heating is on all day. As a water feature runs it releases water vapour into the air that improves the humidity and creates a calming atmosphere in the home that is good for health and wellbeing. 

Why it’s important: dry air can cause problems to your throat and nose which makes it easier to catch diseases. Prolonged exposure to a dry atmosphere will also dry out your skin and cause fatigue. 

They Improve Air Quality

When we have our windows and doors closed o most of the day the air inside our homes can become full of dust and other debris. The lighting, paint and amount of electronics in your home will also affect the quality of the air in your home by releasing negative ions into the air. A water feature produces positive ions that cancel these out and also pull any dirt or debris out of your environment. 

Why it’s important: clean air is a natural mood booster, it reduces anxiety, depression and stress. Combine a water feature with some sir-purifying houseplants and you are well on your way to creating a space that promotes good health and wellbeing.

They Block Out Distracting Sounds 

The sound of running water has a white noise effect in enclosed spaces. If you live in a noisy area or struggle to relax then adding a water feature to your home could be a good solution. 

Why it’s important:  loud or distracting noises can lower your concentration when you’re working from home or trying to focus on a task 

An indoor water feature is more than just a pretty feature, it has material benefits to your health and well-being. Find the perfect one now.