Water features are like a flagship to your fountain or pond. Without them, your little body of water lacks that touch of beauty that turns it into a calming sanctuary. Despite its lovely benefits, there are issues that can arise if not looked after properly. 

What if your water feature starts to develop an unpleasant smell that lingers in your garden? In this guide, we will cover a host of topics that will enable you to enjoy your sanctuary. Time to wave goodbye to foul odours as we show you how to prevent your water features from smelling bad! 

Why does my water feature smell?

Bodies of water lacking biological or mechanical assistance are prone to the buildup of algae and dark sludge. In turn, your water will become stagnant, giving off a bad smell. Aside from its odour, this buildup of sediment poses a threat to marine life in your pond. The decomposing organic matter releases toxic substances, such as ammonia. If you want to keep your fish friends happy, you should avoid any buildup of sediment. 

What can I put in my water feature to keep it clean?

Maintaining a clean, healthy pond is key to preventing odours and threats to marine life. For this reason, it’s generally recommended to install a pond pump. This will give your body of water proper aeration which helps maintain hygiene and improves water quality. 

By keeping your water constantly circulating and aerated with oxygenators, you are helping to reduce the buildup of nutrients and organic matter. 

clean water in a water feature

 How can I make my fountain water smell better?

  • To maintain a healthy body of water, remove any organic debris regularly. Sticks, feathers, and any other organic material should be removed habitually. 
  • Deep clean your water pump once a month to prevent any unwanted smells. Your pump should be running all the time, except for when you give it a clean. Make sure it’s properly switched off first!    
  • Some people might put away their water features before winter to prevent any damage. If this is you, make sure you give your pond and water feature a deep clean before sheltering your water feature. Preparing for the season ahead is critical to ensuring a healthy pond or fountain year-round. Use a de-icer product to allow proper aeration to your pond.  

Remember, regular maintenance is key here. Ensure your fountain or pond is clean by consistently removing debris to keep it in pristine condition. 

Water Feature Cleaning Products

Keeping your water features and your body of water clean is key to avoiding bad smells. If your water doesn’t host marine life, vinegar or bleach may be a solution. However, this is only advisable on certain materials. It might not be suitable for certain water features depending on the material, so check before you decide to apply any. 

Fountain chemicals are generally a good solution to keep algae buildup at bay. There’s plenty of them available to help you prevent the buildup of this unwelcome residue. Having a pump circulate these cleaning products in your body of water is even better.

For those of you who have a pond – it’s time to wave your pond troubles away with pond cleaners. We recommend using our Fountain Safe Water Feature Cleaner for a child and pet friendly solution.

Do water fountains need maintenance?

To get the most from your water feature, regular maintenance is required to keep it looking its best. Sometimes it’s beneficial to replace the water entirely. If there is no natural aeration and your water doesn’t have a pump, we recommend changing it every two days. Regular replacement will help but won’t neutralise the odour emanating from sediment. 

To help neutralise the stench of a well-established water feature, deep cleaning is advised. How often a deep clean should be done depends on the location of the water feature. If it’s in a shaded spot, under trees or other plants, it will probably require deep cleaning a bit more regularly!

Water Feature Filtration Systems

Pond Filters are especially useful for ponds as they are susceptible to the buildup of sediment. Filters will help process organic waste from pond life and reduce the accumulation of algae and sludge. By keeping the flow of water moving and aerated, your pond will maintain good health and hygiene. 

In short

  • Ensure your fountain or pond is properly aerated with either a natural fountain or pond pump to circulate the water. 
  • Regularly clean your water feature and any other items such as pumps and filters to prevent the buildup of sediment.
  • Remove debris and organic matter from your pond or fountain to stop the water from stagnating.
  • Apply cleaning products to keep your water healthy and happy!

Follow the above steps and you will be on your way to having odourless water features which will have you swimming in happy tears!