Outdoor Dining Tips

We all want to make the most of the brief moments of sun we get, with few things more satisfying than a nice meal outside. Here are some outdoor dining tips to make your alfresco eating a success!

1. Keep the insects away

Flies buzzing around your food are one thing, but mosquitos and biting insects are quite another. Ward them off as the night closes in with citronella candles.

2. Clean up your mess

Another vital tip for keeping the bugs at bay is to quickly mop up any spilled food or drink. This will stop it attracting unwanted flies to your table.

3. Counter the evening chill

Even on the most baking hot days, once the sun goes down your patio can begin to get a little nippy. Prolong your evening with some added warmth from an outdoor heater.

4. Light it up

Chances are you want to see what you’re eating. Create an intimate illumination with some tealights or candles on the table to keep things visible long into the night.

5. Turn the power on

If you’re eating out past sundown on a regular basis, think about installing some permanent lighting. Hanging LED lights in your parasol or floodlights on the wall are perfect.

6. Add a little greenery

Planting around your seating area can provide both natural shade and the warmth that comes form an enclosed space. Trail some climbing plants around a pergola for an easy dining enclave.

7. Shelter from the heat

Sunshine is great but too much can spoil food and bring about a few burnt heads. Cover your table with an awning or shade sail for instant shade whenever you need it.

We hope these tips can help you make the most of eating outdoors this summer. Do let us know if you have any more advice!

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