Many gardens in the UK look the same. A fenced-in rectangle lawn is a default option for most new build houses but gardens should be so much more than that. They’re spaces that should bring joy; places you go to relax, socialise, work and play. Luckily there are quick and easy garden design hacks to introduce a little more personality into any garden. Not only will this bring interest and character to your space but it will ensure your garden is far removed from the default option; it will be a space you can take pride and joy in. 


garden screenng

Screening is a cheap and easy way to create the illusion of more space in your garden. Introducing a divide helps create mystery as to how far back the full space goes. Anything can be used to create this effect; Primrose stock purpose-built screening solutions but you could also use trellis or planting. This simple trick can transform your default rectangular lawn into a space that invites you in to investigate. What will you find beyond the screening? This is a simple method of garden design to divide spaces for multiple uses; keeping the kids play area separate from the dining space or separating your formal space from your vegetable patch.


garden pathway

One of the best ways to bring meaning to a garden is to think in terms of journeys and destinations. The easiest way to create a journey is with a garden path. This one addition will add meaning to your garden, giving it a clear use and purpose. Combine this with your screening to create a pathway that escapes to a hidden destination and you’ve instantly got a space that’s begging to be explored. Try drawing a simple rectangle on a piece of paper then experiment with various lines to see how a path could break up the space. Will you have straight lines, winding pathways or stepping stones? 


garden furniture

Now that we have created a journey with our pathways and screening we need something at the end of the path. What do you want to be doing in your garden? If you want to have a quiet comfortable space to read, invest in a bench or arbour. If you want a social space to entertain on summer evenings, perhaps a dining table on a patio? Always consider what you want to use your garden for and make this your destination at the end of your gardens journey. It will become a space you look forward to visiting and give your garden purpose. Multiple spaces can be separated this way and having clear perimeters stops everything from floating randomly.   

Bedding and Lawns

garden beds

With distinct sections in your garden, you now have an opportunity to make full use of garden beds. These should be used to fill in space around your pathways and destinations. They make the journey to your destinations more pleasant with colour and texture. A good rule of thumb no matter what the style you want, is to select 7 plants that you love and use these to fill your space. This will give a sense of cohesion across your garden and a limit to work within which will help you think more creatively.


Your garden is probably looking quiet special by now but there are plenty of other garden design hacks you can add in for that “final touch”. 

Mirrors – these are an excellent way of tricking the eye into seeing more space, especially in a garden where mirrors can be used to make beds and planted areas look more expansive than they are.

Water features – the sound of running water is proven to help reduce stress and aid relaxation. Hidden water features (remember your screening) draw us in with their calming sounds.

Lighting – using lights through the garden can help to bring attention to those elements you wish to highlight. Lining a garden path with lights can give your journeys more distinction, whilst putting lighting in a social area can make them more cosy in the evenings. 

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