Available in a wide spectrum of colours, bedding plants are commonly used to plug the gaps in gardens. They’re also perfect for hanging baskets, filling borders, and window boxes. Now, you might think that spring & summer are the best time for your bedding plants, but you’d be wrong!  Let me introduce you to winter bedding plants!

In this post, we’ll reveal the five best plants that thrive during the colder, hostile months of the year. Due to their resilience they’re easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginners. Their vibrant flowers will stand out even in the harshest of winter days.  Bedding plants look stunning combined with bold, contrasting colours. They look equally striking when surrounded by some of the subtle winter palettes detailed in this review. The great thing is that you’re free to create your own colour scheme to your heart’s content. Get creative and wow your neighbours with gleeful bedding plants that bring seasonal cheer!

The 5 Best Bedding Plants for Winter

With our list of five best winter plants, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. So go ahead and turn your garden from a desolate, cold space into a festive, winter bonanza!

  1. Violas
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Chrysanthemum – ‘Oefa Pink’
  4. Helleborus – ‘Ice N Roses Barolo’
  5. Pansies

1. Violas

Pink and White Violas

These charming plants are guaranteed to animate your garden with unique colour palettes. Known to be resilient and easy to maintain, this is our top pick for the best autumn/winter bedding plants. We love the Cool Pink Mix which adds a romantic interest to your garden. Violas usually grow into trails making them a perfect choice for hanging baskets. 

2. Cyclamen

Red Cyclamen

These plants come in a wide variety of vibrant colours. Whether you’re looking for a simple splash of pink and white or a deep, crimson hue, Cyclamen will complement any colour combination. To make a beautiful winter hanging basket, we recommend planting red cyclamen in the middle, with white pansies around it. It is worth noting that they are a little tender to harsh frost. Best to plant them in non-exposed sites away from harsh winds. For our favourite pick, have a look at the Romantic Vista Collection

3. Chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum flower

Derived from the Greek words ‘chryos’ and ‘anthemon’, meaning gold and flower, the mum’s popularity dates back to ancient China. These gorgeous flowers are great for winter as they flourish during the colder months of the year. These are perfect for any owner looking to spruce up their garden with autumnal shades. They are also great for beginners as they require minimal maintenance. Although mums tolerate most soil conditions, ensure their soil is well-drained for optimal results. 

4. Helleborus


Although Helleborus isn’t really a bedding plant, it serves as a great alternative. These crimson coloured perennials adorn pots every winter with their intricate blooms. Our top pick is the Ice N Roses Barolo which is sure to turn heads with its enchanting presence. This hardy plant will add a festive, seasonal cheer to any garden. Caring for them is easy, as they flourish in any light or soil setting. Perfect for owners with any level of expertise. 


5. Pansies

Our choice is the Strawberry Swirl. This is one of Primrose’s exclusive Speed Planters range. Packed with a mix of bedding plants and nutrients, these planters will grace your garden with long-lasting blooms. Take it or leaf it!  Pansy-filled baskets such as the Strawberry Swirl are perfect for added winter interest. Ensure to water regularly. Occasional deadheading will keep your pansies in prime conditions. Pansies add charm to your garden, making your outdoors an enchanting retreat whatever the weather.