Artificial grass is becoming very popular for use in lawns, playgrounds, patios, decks among many other places for decoration and aesthetics. Its popularity is largely because of its low maintenance costs, resilience in all weather conditions and the fact that it is chemical free and safe for use by kids and pets. Nonetheless, to maintain a perfect natural look, you have to take care of your artificial grass lawn regularly, although in a different, easier way than it is to take care of natural grass.

artificial turf maintenance

Follow these tips to ensure your artificial grass looks natural and lasts longer:


Your pets will enjoy playing on artificial grass and it’s 100% safe for them. Moreover, they won’t be able to dig holes because most artificial grass rugs have a durable backing. However, you have to clean up after your pets, as you would normally do. Hose down any excess or urine to keep your artificial grass odor free and looking vibrant as ever.

Brush regularly

Brushing your artificial grass with a stiff bristled broom helps maintain the grass blades in an upright position. Brush your grass in one direction to ensure blades align the same way. This will give your grass a perfect manicured look, a lush appearance and soft feel.


Leaves, sticks and any other organic debris need to be removed from your artificial grass promptly. This is because if left longer, they will decompose and are likely to encourage growth of weeds in your artificial grass. You can remove them by hand, using a rake or a leaf blower.


Weeds may grow in your artificial grass especially when using sand infill or around drainage holes. However, they are not as prevalent as in natural grass and are easily removed by hand. If you live in an area that is susceptible to weeds, you may consider weed treatment for your artificial grass.


The best artificial grass rugs have perforations for drainage. If your artificial grass uses an in-fill, you should check frequently and apply more in-fill especially after heavy downpours as that can cause in-fill to be washed away.

grass blades


The synthetic grass blades are non-absorbent. However, to keep your artificial grass lawn looking perfect and natural, you should deal with spills as soon as possible. Liquids can be hosed off or wiped away easily and if they persist, you can use warm soapy water. Paint spills need to be treated immediately while oil spills are cleaned using a mild degreaser. When cleaning spills, avoid using acids as they could damage your artificial grass lawn and are hazardous.


  1. Driving motor vehicles or using heavy equipment on your artificial grass lawns – they will cause the grass blades to flatten, deteriorating the look and quality of your lawn.
  2. Smoking – cigarette butts and ash create burn stain on the grass blades and may be expensive to repair.
  3. Barbeques – Barbeques can be fun but you will need to be extremely careful when using artificial grass to prevent overspray and fat drips that have the potential of damaging the appearance of your grass lawn.
  4. Chemicals and hot items – avoid using strong chemicals and hot items/beverages on your artificial lawns. Hot items may cause the grass to melt and the synthetic material may react with strong chemicals and cause deformation, which will be expensive to repair.

The above tips will not only ensure your artificial grass lawn looks meticulous and stands out, your lawn will also last longer than you even expect it to last. You will save tones of energy and money in maintenance and repair while enjoying exquisite green, soft and lush grass in your lawn for less all year round.

Lynn GenahThis is a guest article from Lynn Genah; the editor over at TopBestSpec. She is a die hard lover of novels, adventure and movies.